About Us

Little Grim Entertainment is an animation and game studio based out of Dallas, TX.

At our core, we’re storytellers. For both our animated shows and our games, we want to tell stories rich with memorable characters and vast worlds.

When it comes to animation, some people have the perception that it is either only for kids, or adult comedies like South Park, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, etc. There’s really not a lot of content that would fit in the middle, at least not in the U.S. Our perspective is that animation is simply a tool to tell a great story, something that countries like Japan have really adapted to and made up to be an incredibly lucrative industry. With streaming networks like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu embracing anime, and its general popularity in the US, we believe we’re starting to see a public outcry for action/adventure animation with more adult themes.

In short our mission as a company, is to start exploring that middle ground and to develop animated shows that have the heart, humor, and strong character development of others like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron, and Niko and the Sword of Light; but also aren’t afraid to dive into more themes.

Meet the Founder

Jeff Giron has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. From video game studios like Gearbox Software and Bethesda Dallas, to animation studios like Reel FX. He was trained in animation and modeling at AnimSchool.

At a young age, he loved telling stories and has pursued this desire throughout his career. This finally lead to him following his passion for animation and founded Little Grim Entertainment.

Jeff is also the host of our bi-weekly podcast called “The Animation Adventure” where he interviews other animation industry artists from games, television, and film.


Remote Work

Even before the events of COVID-19, Jeff Giron firmly believed a studio could grow and thrive being completely remote. After the outbreak, it became more essential for studios to have an infrastructure that allowed them to maintain stable work conditions no matter what was going on in the world.

As such, Little Grim Entertainment was founded on this principal and continues to find innovative ways to maintain an effective and completely remote studio.

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