Episode 01: David Maguire
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David is a 3D animator working at Deck Nine Games in Colorado. He's previously worked for Sony Interactive and studied animation online at Animschool.

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About Us

Little Grim Entertainment is an animation studio based out of Dallas, TX. There is a perception in the US that animated shows are only either for kids or adult comedies. We aim to change that perception. Our goal is to create fun, engaging, and entertaining animated series that appeal to an older audience.

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Lost Kings

Lost King is our first animated series that follows two modern-day brothers, Donny and Kyle King, who are lost in a nerdy fantasy world where all the common stereotypes from Video Games, Sci-Fi, Comic Books, Anime, are now a reality.


The Animation Adventure: Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast that interviews animation industry professionals from various career paths. Tune in each episode to hear from animators, riggers, storyboard artist, character designers, musical composers, voice actors, producers, and more! Not only will we discuss what it takes to be successful in their particular career, but we’ll also explore each guest’s history and reveal their unique path to breaking into the industry.


The Animation Adventure: Lost Kings Chronicles

Join us on our own Animation Adventure as we devlop our first animated series, Lost Kings. Get a behind the scenes look at the creation process including everything from writing an initial concept, finding artists, producing an animatic, to starting a company. Told from the perspective of the creator, Jeff Giron, who began his adventure as someone who wasn’t an animator or had any connections in the industry.


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